Cool Runnings Mon! A run in Jamaica

Running in Negril, Jamaica

Yup. That’s sunscreen in my hand. SPF 70.

Even though it’s starting to feel like Spring here in Toronto, I can’t help but feel a little sad about leaving the beautiful paradise that is Negril, Jamaica. I just returned from a week in this tropical paradise where I got married alongside 89 of my favourite friends and family.  It was truly perfect and it all feels a little surreal that it’s over. And even though our trip was more like a week-long bender, my dear friend and bridesmaid, April Cunningham, convinced me to go for a short run one morning along the beach.

I know I said cool runnings in my title but truthfully, this Jamaican beach run was anything but cool. In fact, it was one of the hottest runs in recent memory!

But I made the effort to pack my running gear so I was determined to get out there – even if I did have a mere 4 hours sleep the night before.

We decided to run down the shoreline as far as we could go. In addition to neat little shacks selling touristy souvenirs, we were also treated to a nude beach. And by treated, I mean disturbed by the 4 plump gentleman lounging shamelessly in the sun. I think I ran a little quicker by this area.

The resort we stayed at was in Negril’s west end, right along a beautiful bay. It’s actually called Bloody Bay Beach, but I refused to mention it or put that on the Save the Date cards we had made for the wedding. Something about the phrase “Bloody Bay” doesn’t exactly evoke images of a tropical paradise. It sounds more like a setting for a horror flick.

Poorly named beaches aside, this area really is quite beautiful – a white sand beach dotted with mangroves. In the morning, it is quiet and calm and idyllic for a run.

I have to admit though, I don’t think I’ve ever sweat more in my life. With an average temperature hovering around 30C and ridiculously high humidity, this was one spicy run.

I was determined to take my camera so I could document the event and have proof that we actually did something active on this trip. The other thing I took with me was SPF 70. No one likes sunburn! Water probably would have been a wise idea as well but hey, I’ve only got two hands!

I don’t know exactly how long this run was, but it was long enough! I was pooped by the time we got back but after a quick cool down in the shade, we decided we’d wrap up our morning of activity with beach aerobics lead by the resort’s energetic entertainment staff. I am pretty sure the only thing beach aerobics accomplishes is ensuring that you look like an idiot.

After that, we resumed lounging, eating and drinking. The run was an excellent little bout of activity to justify all our bad behaviour.

Running in Negril, Jamaica

April and I half way through our smokin’ hot beach run

UPDATE (April 23, 2013, 9:55 p.m): April and I are on the same wavelength tonight. To read her recap of the same run, check out her blog post here.


  1. Colleen penny April 25, 2013 / 10:12 am

    So good to read all that Miranda! You made me feel a bit of a sluggardly though! All I did was laze around!

    • Miranda April 25, 2013 / 11:24 am

      Don’t worry. It was more of a run/walk anyway… and frankly only about 30 minutes of activity for the whole week. It hardly cancels out all the calories I consumed in alcohol and nacho cheese sauce!

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