Around the Bay 30km in pictures and videos

I recently wrote a post about how race pictures are always terrible. Well today, I eat my words. For the first time ever, the pictures from Sunday’s Around the Bay 30km in Hamilton aren’t terrible. In fact, there were some pretty epic shots taken both by the race photographer and our fabulous cheerleaders. Hands up in a victorious “V,” thumbs up, badass sunglasses, all smiles. It’s like I actually enjoyed this race!

Check these out:

Around the Bay 30km 2013

Also, I am so proud of my victorious finish so I wanted to share this finish line video. Be on the lookout for me as I approach and cross the finish line starting at 21:04. I was anticipating a sluggish end to the longest race of my life, but I look pretty spry! I am happy to have this littleĀ memento.


  1. aprilcunningham March 29, 2013 / 10:26 pm

    Yay, awesome Miranda! Feels like I was there cheering you on! Way to finish strong!

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