Chilly Half Marathon: race photos

Is it just me, or are ALL race photos terrible? Do you know anyone who has ever purchased one? I don’t think a photographer has ever caught me looking worse. I have this image of myself running. In it, I look fast and concentrated. Steady and determined. Instead, the race-day pictures reveal that I look exhausted, depleted and sometimes, kind of slow. There’s a few pictures where I look like I’m out for a casual stroll! Generally, post-race pics are always better (once I’ve had a chance to stretch and hydrate). So, I present to you this photo collage, courtesy of my friend Mike’s Dad who was our only cheerleader at Burlington’s Chilly Half Marathon last weekend.

Chilly Half marathon race pictures

Clockwise from top left, here’s what’s happening:

  1. Graham and I with a chili pepper. This guy ran the whole race wearing this costume. He’s a trooper
  2. An amusing race sign: “Running is a mental sport, and you are all insane.”
  3. Me just after crossing the finish line. Probably looking for the post-race snacks.
  4. My friend Mike crossing the finish line with a big grin on his face. Good work.
  5. My fiance Graham, just after crossing the finish line.
  6. More amusing race signs: “Run faster. I just farted,” and “Go random stranger, go!”

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