Feeling inspired: 3 stories of awesome people doing awesome things

my feet hurt from kicking so much ass - nike running adI thought about running a lot this week. I thought about tomorrow’s half marathon and what I’ll do next. There are plenty of options but some are scary and intimidating. So scary in fact that I’m not even willing to write them down in this blog post. Even as an idea. That makes it too permanent and out-there and I’m not sure I’m ready to commit.

One thing that does make me want to commit to something bigger and better is stories of other people and their amazing accomplishments. This week, I came across three awesome stories that inspired and moved me.  These people are just so awesome. They make me want to be awesome too.

Here are three amazing stories that will inspire you, motivate you and make you feel like anything is possible.

A crazy fast octogenerian

My fiancé sent me this article from the Globe and Mail earlier this week about an 81 year world record holder who runs races faster than people a quarter of his age. When he was 73, he ran a marathon in 2:54:48 which is considered by some to be the fastest marathon ever run in his age category.  Last month, he set an age-class world record for the half marathon in Milton with a time of 1:38.57. And the most amazing thing? It’s no big deal to him. He’s so incredibly humble. He just runs quietly around Evergreen Cemetery in Milton. He doesn’t track his average pace or total kilometers. He just runs the same route over and over until he gets to three hours and then he goes home. He’ll be running tomorrow’s Scotiabank marathon. Maybe I’ll see him! You can read the full article here.

Erika’s first marathon

Running a full marathon is on my bucket list so I love reading stories of other people conquering this challenge for the first time. Erika, who I run with regularly as part of the Nike Running Club, dominated her first marathon in the spring as part of a fundraising mission for her late cousin Ian. Not only did she rock the marathon with a time of 4:31:10, but she raised a heap of cash for cancer research: over $19,000! Just after her marathon, she herself was diagnosed with cancer. She didn’t let it stop her or take over her life. She was optimistic and hopeful and she continued running.

Recently she updated her post to say that surgery had been successful in removing the cancer.

Her incredible optimism, tenacity and positive outlook throughout her treatment and recovery are enough to give you a whole new perspective on life. Reading about her experience was easily the most inspiring thing I did all week and proof that in some cases, you really can run away from your problems. You can read her full blog post here.

Julian’s 100km journey

Julian Ho is an awesome personal trainer. I had the pleasure of training with him last summer as part of a run club with Nike. He’s smiley and motivating and not surprisingly super, duper fit. Recently, he completed a 100km run to raise money for kids with cancer as part of the Great Canadian Sears Relay Run . He completed his run in 10 hours, 45 minutes and raised over $2,000. He tells his story in this touching 17 minute video that documents his whole journey – from fundraising to finish line.

Feeling inspired yet?

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